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Welcome to the new lab member

DSC_1756As Kasia says; “the machine is really cool, you don’t need film, it picks the exposure time for you to use optimum exposure, you can magnify things quite a bit and play with contrast etc, and you give your specimen a unique number so if we could hook up the computer to the internet it would be easy to synchronise the Xrays with Growbase and ELN etc.”

David Rimoin is honoured with a posthumous lifetime achievement award

A great tribute to David’s legacy by the American College of Medical Genetics can be seen here.

A very special event was held in Beverly Hills on Thursday.

The Daily Mail coverage can be seen here.


Tom Hanks presents a signed ‘Wilson’ volleyball to Dr. Ann Garber-Rimoin, second from right, widow of the late medical genetics expert David L. Rimoin, and their children, left to right, Michael, Lauren and Anne.

New paper in DMM

Some more good news.

Etta’s paper entitled, “A novel transgenic mouse model of growth plate dysplasia reveals that decreased chondrocyte proliferation due to chronic ER stress is a key factor in reduced bone growth” has been accepted in Disease Models and Mechanisms.

A PDF copy is available here.