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new PLOS ONE manuscript accepted


Good news again!

Kasia’s paper; “Abnormal chondrocyte apoptosis in the cartilage growth plate is influenced by genetic background and deletion of CHOP in a targeted mouse model of pseudoachondroplasia”.

Has been accepted in PLOS ONE.

Dr Who @ 50 years

Dr Who

The best Doctor with the best monsters

long may he continue ‘space truckin’

Something tells me that he never thought to ‘deep-phenotype’ a DALEK or define the ‘-omics’ profile of a CYBERMAN.

Perhaps he should ‘repurpose’ his sonic screwdriver for these endeavours ?

Certus Technologies & SYBIL


Exeter IT experts “Certus Technology” join European bone disease research project

5511274-largeStaff at Exeter-based Certus Technology: back, from left: John Harris, James Autton, Brian Lings, and Monika Digby-Johns; front, from left: Katey Broom, Ian Bamsey and Hilla Goff.

Exeter-based IT Company Certus is to play a crucial role in an international research project which could lead to a breakthrough in the treatment of a wide variety of bone diseases.

Certus Technology is one of 18 partners across Europe who have joined forces for the five-year, £10m study funded by the European Commission.

Established in 2000, the company specialises in databases, with a particular focus on healthcare and life sciences. It employs eight people, with an office in Longbrook Street and another in Sheffield.

Managing director Ian Bamsey said: “This is a very exciting and data intensive project and we are certainly excited to be supporting it.

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The Ashes 2013-14

A brief return to cricket………


In less than 12 hours the 2013-14 Ashes Series will start between England and Australia.

British Library - Sporting Times 02/09/1882  p5 (The Ashes)

At 131 years old the ‘Ashes’ is one of the oldest sporting competitions in the world.


The venue is the Gabba in Brisbane, Queensland.

Now the Australians would lead us to believe that the so called “Gabbatoir” is a graveyard for English cricket in Australia.

But let’s just remember who hold the Ashes……

Ashes 2013

Call for abstracts 1st MBE @ Rotterdam 2014



Our Lab and SYBIL will be well represented at MBE 2014.

In addition to platform and poster presentations at the main meeting, SYBIL will also be organising a satellite meeting.

Detail will be posted here.

Finally, SYBIL-UK will be holding a meeting in December.