Cricket and Science

I sense it will be a quite week in skeletal world, so now for something completely different…………….

Can we combine Cricket and Science?

Wouldn’t that be great to do!


The ‘Body line’ series of 1933 and Bill Woodfull ducks a particularly fast and very nasty bouncer from Harold Larwood.


So, in the spirit of the Semantic Web we will attempt to provide the first framework for their seamless integration……


Sticky wicket = a difficult experiment to perform (e.g. PCR genotyping for Cre using safeview)

Googly = unexpected & unexplained result

Green top = the data don’t quite match the hypothesis, but work hard on it and who knows…..

Silly mid on/off = those nasty lab jobs that no one likes doing


Inswinging yorker (a.k.a unplayable) = the very negative comments from reviewer #3

Full toss = your mother is reviewer #1

Decision Review System (DRS) = a direct appeal to the Journal Editor (often on your knees)

Golden duck = the Editor doesn’t even send your paper out for review!

Featherbed wicket = an invited review

Backing up = preparing your manuscript in several different Journal styles (just to be ready)


Slow low turner = a difficult to read PhD thesis that requires lots of patience and application

Taking guard = every time you go out to lecture to the undergrads

Sledging = THE difficult question, which is always asked by the person who slept through your entire seminar

Geoff Boycott = built from spare body parts of ALL the great scientists

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