Materials database @ electronic lab notes

Spent some time this week experimenting with the MATERIALS section in the Electronic Lab Notes (ELN) that are being develop by Certus Technologies.

I am happy to say that as a lab we have moved completely away from paper-based lab books and are now fully engaged with ELN.

A quick screen shot of my own ELN…………..ELN

We have recently had the “MATERIALS” section made available, which will prove vital for cataloguing all our samples and reagents. Let’s face it how many times do you go into a fridge or freezer and have no idea what each tube is!


This new function will allow us to catalogue and record all the reagents and resources that we have in the lab. For example, if we get a new antibody and spend time validating and optimising it (note to Santa Cruz), then that information will be recorded and available online for future reference. It will also link through to the PROTOCOL section of ELN so that we can record what reagent was used in which experiment…….providence!

We can also label each item with a unique QR code that links through to the appropriate ‘material’ web page and hence onto protocols and experiments.


And once we get the size right………………. bingo!Box


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