Trials and Tribble-ations

Over the last year we have been studying a very interesting genetic model

We call them “TRIBBLES”………

TRIB1 (Tribbles Pseudokinase 1) is a protein containing a serine/threonine kinase-like domain and is expressed in skeletal muscle, thyroid, pancreas, peripheral blood leukocytes, and bone marrow.

In mice, Trib1 is critical for the differentiation of tissue-resident macrophages and in musculoskeletal tissues it is highly expressed in the bone marrow of adult humans.


Mice overexpressing Trib1 in cartilage (left) are much smaller than the wild type litter mates (right) and present with a pronounced hip dysplasia. The bones appear dense, shorter and broader and are very reminiscent of osteopetrosis.

TRIB1 mouse bonesFantastic image generated by Jennifer Gerbracht who is currently an Erasmus student in the lab. Bone mineral content quantification by Faxitron X-ray microradiography. The knee joint of a wild type mouse (left) is shown compared to a mutant TRIBBLE mouse with much higher bone density (right and shown in red).


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