British Society for Matrix Biology and Bone Research Society

3rd Joint MeetingBSMB


Symposia, oral communications and posters include:

  • Genetics of musculoskeletal diseases
  • Mineralisation
  • Mechanisms of matrix Disease
  • Scaffolds-biomaterials
  • Stem cells and regenerative medicine
  • Clinical cases
  • New Investigator session
  • Rare bone diseases workshop
  • Muscle and bone workshop

Keynote Speakers

  • Michael Briggs (Newcastle)
  • Paolo Bonaldo (Padova)
  • Colin Farquharson (Edinburgh)
  • Serge Ferrari (Geneva)
  • Antonella Forlino (Pavia)
  • Bruno Peault (UCLA)
  • Manuel Salmeron-Sanchez (Glasgow)
  • Liliana Schaeffer (Frankfurt)
  • Catherine Shanahan (London)
  • Molly Stevens (London)
  • Stuart Ralston (Edinburgh)
  • Wim Van Hul (Antwerp)
  • Joyce van Meurs (Rotterdam)

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