Proteaosome, proteaosome, wherefore art though proteaosome…..

Pete has recently returned from a quick trip to Professor Massimo Coletta’s lab in Rome to investigate the pathological interplay between the proteasome and matrilin-3 mutations.

He was working with Diego Sbardella and Grazia Raffaella Tundo to help refine disease mechanisms in genetic skeletal dysplasias.

And many thanks to both.

So here we have a quick poem for that visit……..

Proteasome, proteasome, wherefore art though proteasome?

Study they expression and define thy function; for if thou wilt not degrade mutant matrilin-3, wilt though consider COMP?

Shall I over express thee or shall I knock thee down? tis but an experiment that I should do………..

[The alternative William Shakespeare]

Pete, Deigo, Grazia

Pete, Diego and GraziaHard at work

….and hard at work

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