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Dusting off iconic text books for @MScGenomicsNcl today

Databases? who needs those when you have the following……….

Text books

Novum Organum by Sir France Bacon (1620)

An Atlas of General Affections of the skeleton by Sir Thomas Fairbank (1951)

Heritable Disorders of Connective Tissue by Victor McKusick (3rd Edition 1966)

Bone Dysplasias by Spranger, Brill & Poznanski (2nd Edition 2002)

Connective Tissue and its Heritable Disorders by Royce and Steinman (2nd Edition 2002)

Genomics of Common and Rare Genetic Disease @MScGenomicsNcl

Study Day 2 of GNM8003 Genomics of Common and Rare Genetic Disease

Institute of Genetic Medicine, Newcastle University

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The exciting programme is as follows……programme