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It’s the SYBIL mid-term review

SYBIL snowSystems biology for the functional validation of genetic determinants of skeletal diseases


Looking forward to presenting all our excellent new data to the European Commission!


Rubicon Members

  • Marco Ponzetti (UNIVAQ)
  • Alfredo Cappariello (UNIVAQ)
  • Suvro Chatterjee (UNIVANNA)
  • Karl Kadler (UMAN)
  • Michael Briggs (UNEW)
  • Bram van der Eerden (ERASMUS)
  • Michael Baldwin (Engedi)
  • Nadia Rucci (UNIVAQ)
  • Anna Teti (UNIVAQ)
  • Malcolm Collins (UCT)
  • Peter Magnusson (REGION H)

Absent from photo:-

  • John Bateman and Shireen Lamande (Melbourne)
  • Danny Chan (Hong Kong)
  • Checco Ramirez (New York)