Abstracts and Posters



‘ESDN’, ‘EuroGrow’ & ‘SYBIL’ – 15+ years of EU network approaches for diagnosis and research of rare skeletal diseases Sheffield Abstract.



ESCEO13-IOF Congress in Rome, Italy, April 17-20

“How do rare genetic diseases contribute to the understanding of common bone diseases? – The contribution of chondrodysplasias to the understanding of osteoarthritis” Proposed programme ECCEO13 – PRECLINICAL SYMPO.


VI International Congress on Stress Proteins in Biology and Medicine in Sheffield, UK, August 18-22

“ARMET/MANF and CRELD2 are components of an ER stress response provoked by inappropriate formation of disulphide bonds: implications for genetic skeletal diseases”


ISDS 11th Biennial Meeting in Bologna, Italy, August 28-31

“Pseudoachondroplasia and multiple epiphyseal dysplasia; key disease triggers in representative genotypes” ISDS 2013 Abstract.

ISDS 2013


BSMB in Cardiff, UK, September 2-3

“Preliminary characterisation of Creld2 null mice suggest a possible role in cartilage development” BSMB Poster 2013.


Pan Pacific Connective Tissue Societies Symposium in Hong Kong, China, November 24-27

“A V156D matrilin-1 mouse model reveals limited intracellular retention of mutant protein that does not lead to short-limbed dwarfism” PPCTSS 2013 poster.

Pete Hong Kong


“Lessons from Rare Diseases of Cartilage” in Liverpool, UK, October 16.

“Disease mechanisms in chondrodysplasias” Liverpool 2013.

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