SYBIL @ Lyon September 2014

Picture of the first SYBIL annual meeting in Lyon

Courtesy of Ali Mobasheri (SYBIL Advisory Board)


Drew Rowan and Dave Young from Newcastle enjoying the ‘limousine’ ride to the hotelSybil meeting

Let the meeting commence!

Table 1

Attila Aszodi (Munich), Dave Young (Newcastle), Ali Mobasheri (Sussex) and  Ji-Hyun Lim (Alacris)Table 2

Pippa and Ray Boot-Handford (Manchester), Brian Lings (Certus) and Roy Goodacre (Manchester)


A jug meant a jug!


Les Bouchons – puppets and authentic Lyon Cuisine!BouchonsPuppets

Spot the puppets!desert

The desert was good!

Lyon visit

An afternoon visit to LyonBridge 2 Bridge 1

And both the bridges

Shell fish wine

Shell fish and wine in the famous food market

Puppet show

British politicians deciding the future of the UK’s continued membership of the European Union – little do they realise their stupidity……..

An finally……St Wilfrid the Patron Saint of SYBIL

St Wilfrid

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