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Skeletal genetics on tour 2018

2018 looks to be filling up with conferences that members of the ‘rare disease section’ of the skeletal research group at IGM will be presenting at

In February it is rare disease day and in addition to IGM’s annual flagship Genetics Matters event, Mike will be talking at Findacure’s 2018 Drug Repurposing for Rare Diseases Conference.

In April Kasia will be talking at the Bone Research Society and the OARSI young investigators pre-congress workshop entitled “Lessons from Rare Diseases in Bone & Cartilage”.

In May Mike will be talking at pre-congress sessions at The European Calcified Tissue Society (ECTS) Annual Meeting. He will present at a working shop on cartilage pathophysiology and EU consortia.

In June Mike will be speaking within the Rare Bone Disease Workshop, taking place during the Bone Research Society Annual Meeting being held at the University of Winchester, 27-29 June 2018.

In July Mike will be talking at Matrix Biology Europe 2018.



Rubicon Members

  • Marco Ponzetti (UNIVAQ)
  • Alfredo Cappariello (UNIVAQ)
  • Suvro Chatterjee (UNIVANNA)
  • Karl Kadler (UMAN)
  • Michael Briggs (UNEW)
  • Bram van der Eerden (ERASMUS)
  • Michael Baldwin (Engedi)
  • Nadia Rucci (UNIVAQ)
  • Anna Teti (UNIVAQ)
  • Malcolm Collins (UCT)
  • Peter Magnusson (REGION H)

Absent from photo:-

  • John Bateman and Shireen Lamande (Melbourne)
  • Danny Chan (Hong Kong)
  • Checco Ramirez (New York)