Conferences, days out and other activities

Brugges Summer 2017

Christmas 2015Town Wall

ella and robMikePeteThaisElla

Summer 2015 – enough said really

trampoline 2015

Christmas 2014

Research dayResteraunt

Lyon SYBIL November 2014

MBE 2014 @ Rotterdam June 2014

RotterdamBoat Rotterdam

Prague SelfieSelfie @ ECTS in Prague May 2014

Kolsch beer tallyKolsch beer tally @ Cologne in May 2014

Indian March 2014

The lab @ sachins in March 2014 – farewell to the students

Hong KongPete and Kasia @Pan Pacific in Hong Kong


photo@Forth on Pink Street in December 2013


 Halloween at Centre for Life 2013

2013 Summer HQTrying out the Sierra Nevada @Forth on Pink Street, summer 2013

ISDS 2013

 ISDS Meeting in Bologna – and don’t ask about the foot!

The last few days in Manchester and the Briggs and Boot-Handford Labs enjoy a ‘Poynton Canal Trip’ in August 2012.


IMG_2284Claire Hartley, Maryline Fresquet, Poonam Halai with Louise Kung and Lorna Mullan (from the Boot-Handford Lab).

IMG_2225Bidding farewell to my colleagues in the Cell-Matrix Centre.

Cell-Matrix Centre @BSMB, Oxford, April 2012

BSMBNext to the cell-matrix ‘tour bus’ with a good showing of posters.

The first trip to Newcastle in early spring 2012.



@XX ISDS, Palm Cove, Australia, July 2011

2011_07_ISDS (8)ESDN meeting

2011_07_ISDS (9)

George Tiller (Los Angeles) wins the plaque

@XXIInd FECTS, Davos, July 2010DSC03375

DSC03389The team in Davos

Eating Belgium waffles in Ghent @ Eurogrow meeting 2009IMG_1238Louise, Annalies and Pete

Lab Retreat @ Shropshire Autumn 2008

DSC05962From left: Tom Jowitt (Snr. Exp. Officer), Maryline, Gail, Zenobia, Farhana, Kasia, Seema, Maria, Mike, Pete.

First cheque from the NIH to start work on the mouse models of chondrodysplasia.NIH cheque

Lab @ 2003

2003 labFrom left: Mike, Kasia, Sally, Natalie, Faye, Gail and Matt.

2002 Gent ESDN

2002 and ESDN meeting @Gent. Geert Mortier, Michael Wright and Mike Briggs.ISDS 2001

2001 ISDS meeting and award of the Trophy

2000 Philly22000 and the Molecular Biology and Pathology of Matrix @ Philadelphia. From left: Mike Briggs, Paul Holden, Liz Canty and Katherine Chapman.

2000 ASHG2000 and the American Society of Human Genetics Annual Meeting @ Philadelphia. From left: –, Mike Briggs, Debbie Krakow, Dan Cohn, Geert Mortier and Alain Verloes.

FECTS Greece

2000 FECTs @Patras.

1999 ASHG Meeting1999 and the American Society of Human Genetics Annual Meeting @ San Francisco. From left: Paul Holden, Gilliam Wallis, Debbie Krakow, Doug Wilkins, Mike Briggs, Iain McIntosh and Gary Bellus

ISDT Trophy

cork 1995History in the making!

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